“I don’t have time to keep up with my blog. Everyone says WordPress is the best, but it is making me crazy. Plugins and updates and themes and analytics and content calendars! I don’t want to learn about and deal with that stuff. I just want to create my content!”

WordPress Add Post

Been there. The fact is that SEO (search engine optimization) loves everything about WordPress, and it IS the best way for most people to get their content read. Don’t worry. We can help. We’re about taking care of the details so you can do the creating.

“I know my spelling is awful. And spellcheck doesn’t catch everything. People like my message, but they say the errors make it hard for them to get through it.”

True story: I am one of those people who cannot finish a book/PDF/blog post if there are multiple spelling errors, word usage errors, or glaring grammatical issues. I can’t add 2+2, but spelling is my jam. That gift served me well as a medical transcriptionist. Now I’m using it to serve YOU.

“The stuff I’m writing requires a lot of research. I like research, but I simply don’t have the time. I can actually write or I can do research. There is simply no time for both!”

I drive my husband crazy while we’re watching TV or listening to music. Any time a question comes up about anything – a character, a score, a celebrity, some arcane bit of knowledge on Jeopardy! – I have to look it up. CANNOT REST until I know the answer.

We can free you up to create your content. 

My son/collaborative partner, Anthony, and I are both research maniacs. That drive for knowledge served Anthony well while in college and still does in his current role as a pop-culture critic/writer on mental health topics, anime, and video games. I couldn’t have had success in my career nor could I have managed my late husband’s chronic illnesses during my 15-year stint as a caregiver without a drive for knowledge and a nearly neurotic need for organization.

Want to know a secret about me? I once threw a spelling bee because I was already known as a geek, and, in fifth grade in the 1970s, that just was not cool. I fly my geek flag proudly these days! Bonus secret: I am a minimalist who is also a listaholic.

Anthony is a fantastic editor with an eye for clarity and concision.

We have both been frustrated by all of the busywork that comes with content creation. We have a heart for creatives – traditional authors, bloggers, coaches, ministry partners, and anyone else who has a passion to share.

Whether your message is educational, encouraging or entertaining,
someone in the world needs to hear it!