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We can help with:

WordPress Setup & Maintenance | Calendar & File Management
Research | Editing

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Are you busy doing 1:1 coaching or writing courses to help folks bridge the gap from "here" to "where I want to be"? WordPress is the right platform and we can help!

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When you're busy being the hands and feet of Jesus, bringing His Light into the world, do THAT. Let us help with WordPress, your research, and the rest!

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Are you writing on your bliss and sharing your passions? Doing it for love or trying to monetize your blog? Don't get lost in the tech! We'll do it!

Client Testimonials

"I am the author of The Grace of the Word. After many years I decided to spread the words of the Bible via the Internet and, so, started an inspirational blog. Without much understanding of how blogs are done and little to no understanding of the internal complexities of today’s websites, the folks at The Authors’ Alcove undeniably made my life’s ambition a reality. Shelby gave me exactly what I wanted. Simple. Clean. Focused on the content. There are no sufficient accolades!"
“Shelby first approached me with a mock-up of the Church Web page, and even though we had not really had any conversations on that, other than just my saying that we needed to investigate starting a web page, the design that she came up with was so streamlined, and user friendly and appropriate in style and format that we are using the original concept with only a few modifications. We have run into a few problems posting different types of files, but each time Shelby has found and installed a great plug-in that allows us to seamlessly add and post the different files that were giving us trouble. Shelby is very good at explaining the basic flow and the procedure for making posts and uploading files, and she is very responsive to our questions and concerns."

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