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The Authors' AlcoveWhat is the #1 requirement that you must fulfill to call yourself an author, a content creator, whatever kind of writing/creating you do?

You have to write. You have to create.

The Internet makes it easy to share your gift, but there are challenges as well.

Whether you are a blogger, book author, pastor/ministry partner, poet, etc., your message matters.

Every minute that you spend typing your handwritten or recorded notes/copy, editing/proofreading, setting up or maintaining a blog,  is a minute that you aren’t practicing your craft. It’s time that you aren’t using to spread your message.

Those minutes really add up!

At The Authors’ Alcove, we work to serve you, the author,  in ways that will allow you to concentrate on telling your story without spending time and energy on support tasks.

There is no work that you might write, from research paper to sermon or devotional, to full-length book, with which we can’t help.

Check out our services page to see how we might help you!